Ecommerce Big Data Bisnis E-commerce Example, Insights Of 2023

Ecommerce Big Data Bisnis E-commerce Example, Insights Of 2023 Of course, everyone is familiar with big data in Indonesia. Big data is not only popular in Indonesia but also throughout the world.

During a pandemic like today, big data is widely used so that the virus does not spread more widely.

Big data itself has been applied to several countries such as Singapore and South Korea. Even China’s success in eradicating the Corona virus outbreak is inseparable from the sophisticated system it has.

South Korea itself has used big data to detect locations and will also send alerts if patients are near.

Indeed, Indonesia’s big data has not been used to deal with the corona outbreak that is here, but it is very useful, especially for businesses that must be able to survive in the midst of a pandemic.

At a time like this, people’s spending patterns change, so businesses must understand these changing trends.

One of the right businesses for you to run during a pandemic is e-commerce.

Benefits of Big Data for E-commerce

In the world of e-commerce, Indonesia’s big data plays a very important role, from consumer analysis to product innovation.

This analysis is useful to provide an overall framework such as consumer profiles and what potential can be extracted from these consumers.

In its implementation, consumer data is collected and their interactions carried out on e-commerce websites are then analyzed so that sales are maximized.

There are several benefits of implementing big data to maximize e-commerce strategies as follows:

Improve shopping experience

Big data will be able to increase consumer loyalty by providing a satisfying shopping experience. As an example, consumers visit a website where they do not intend to shop immediately, but are only looking for insight into what products they need.

With data, e-commerce actors can also provide product recommendations that match consumer interests and are tailored to their search history. Big data is also able to evaluate the flow of consumer spending from entering to leaving the website.

Personalize shopping

Big data can also personalize shopping based on the interests of the consumer. As the shopping experience improves, the data collected on the e-commerce platform will be able to provide

Your promotion strategy that runs more effectively by personalizing shopping. For example, consumer shopping history data is analyzed in what product category, from this analysis it is found that if consumers like goods with large discounts, then

You can provide consumers with relevant discounts on listed products.

Increasing e-commerce innovation

The next benefit of Indonesia’s big data is increasing e-commerce innovation. This innovation is a fixed price for every business to remain flexible to changing trends. This innovation is also used to keep consumers loyal to your business.

With this big data analysis you can see trends in consumer behavior at certain times so that you can use this to innovate.

For example, so far conventional discounts have only been in the form of price discounts, but now they can be given to more attractive innovative forms such as cashback, flash sales, quizzes to games.

With big data you can innovate more in your business, not monotonous that makes consumers get bored and move on to others.

During this pandemic, besides you have to keep moving the wheels of your business, you are also required to be able to change the business strategy that you implemented before.

Meanwhile, Indonesia itself is a country with the largest online market in Southeast Asia, so competition will be very tight and business demands will be even tougher, so you have to start using big data.

Big data Indonesia will be able to help your business innovate and perform analyzes that are very useful for your business.

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